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Transmission Network Workshop
 Workshops are offered to operators, service providers, equipment vendors, and systems integrators, and are delivered at the client's premises.

George Debbo Telecoms also offers a number of workshops. These workshops are developed to give the attending audience an overall understanding of the specific area addressed and are targeted at C-level Executives, Senior Managers and Managers involved with the design and planning, deployment and operation of transmission networks, fixed access networks and mobile backhaul networks. The workshops can also be used to give entry level engineers an overview of the transmission, fixed access and mobile backhaul networks before they embark on more detailed training in each area. 

A number of generic telecommunication workshops are also catered for.

The following workshops are available:

Overview of the Telecommunications Industry in South Africa

This is a one day workshop primarily intended for individuals entering the telecoms market for the first time, who require an overview of what the market looks like, who are the main players, and what are the main challenges. The agenda is as follows:

          - Overview of the telecom market in South Africa
          - Overview of the regulatory environment
          - Main industry players
          - Main equipment vendors
          - Main challenges facing the industry

The Network Building Blocks

This is a one day workshop intended for individuals who are in the telecommunication market, but not intimately involved in the technical aspects associated with the network. Such individuals, for example, will include sales personnel both in the vendor and operator community, as well as C-level and Senior Management personnel in the operator environment who are not involved with the network. The workshop provides an overview and understanding of all of the building blocks that make up a telecommunication network. Topics covered include:

          - Overview of the network architecture
          - Mobile Access (RAN)
          - Wireline Access
          - Transmission
          - Routing and Switching
          - Application layer
          - OSS & BSS
          - Future network evolution

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